Medicus Client Growth – Team & Family

January 12th, 2015

Medicus Solutions has some new members of our family!

As a business owner with a growing client base, I am proud to announce that over the past 5 months Medicus Solutions has filled 5 net-new positions.  In the new year, we will continue offering the best service in the industry and expect to bring on 10 new associates to the Medicus Team.  We continue to have client successes which leads to the continued Medicus client growth year over year.

We are happy to welcome the following to the Medi-Awesome Team:

Christine Douglas, Client Experience Coordinator, has 4+ years of client service working in the IT industry. Chrissy has enjoyed becoming a part of the Medicus team and is tasked with providing every client with the best experience when working with the Medicus team.

Jared Brantley, Systems Engineer, brings over 5+ years of IT experience working for a managed service provider as a senior systems engineer and a help desk/technical manager. Jared’s knowledge and experience will make an impact with current and future clients.

Alex Manos, Associate Systems Engineer, brings in 5+ years of IT experience working as a tier two engineer for a managed service provider and has jumped right in the support mix and is doing a great job! Alex looks forward to working with all of the Medicus clients moving forward.

Todd Case, Associate Systems Engineer, brings in 14+ years of IT experience working in a variety of different environments. He brings a fresh perspective to the team and will make a great impact, providing excellent client service.

Garrett Schoppman, Associate Systems Engineer, has previously interned with Medicus over the past 2+ years while completing his BS in information technology at Georgia Southern. Garrett knows a good number of our clients from working with them in previous years during his internship and will be jumping right in.

As the Medicus client growth continues, we anticipate to continue adding new members to the team.  If you are interested in joining the Medicus growth team, reach out to us through our website.