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Limited-time ONLY: Essential Healthcare IT Services  & Security White Papers 
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Medicus IT is strategically positioned as a premiere healthcare IT services company and uniquely experienced in helping medical practices develop and implement worry-free, dependable medical IT systems. These solutions can help you both flatten your healthcare IT budgets and increase computer systems security while decreasing risks.

We want to share with you 5 white papers that we consider essential information for any company looking to find out how to get the right healthcare IT services for their company at the right prices. Topics include:

Email Encryption – Learn about HIPAA compliant email encryption services that can give you the confidence you need to know that your confidential emails are secure.

Email Continuity Services – Natural disasters. Service disruptions. Routine maintenance. Lots of things can take your servers down, but your email doesn’t have to go with it. Find out how.

Secure Hosted Exchange – Find out how hosted servers can improve your healthcare companies productivity while eliminating the hassles that come with in-house servers and maintenance.

Microsoft Office 365 – How can Microsoft’s cloud services work so that you can use your favorite Microsoft Office apps in a secure environment? Answers inside.

Spam & Virus Protection – With the huge security breaches we see every month in the healthcare industry, securing your email systems and instituting a disaster recovery system are essential for avoiding HIPAA violations and costly fines. We have your back on how you can protect yourself and your company.

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