Medicus Solutions: Modern Medical IT Services To Solve Your Business Needs

Today, clients in other highly-regulated industries, including financial and legal, trust Medicus to recommend and manage secure medical IT services and solutions. Regardless of the products and services these companies deliver, they have one thing in common: security, confidentiality and dependability are paramount to their operations.


Virtual Hosting Solutions

Medi-Cloud is a virtual hosting solution that enables you to operate your entire server infrastructure remotely in the cloud. Produce and collaborate better no matter where you are.

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Fully Encrypted Data Backup & Recovery Solutions (BDR)

Eliminate the risk and worry associated with common data backup occurrences and ensure your data will be automatically protected around-the-clock with Medi-Backup.

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HIPAA-Compliant Email Encryption

Protect your sensitive email messages with Medi-Secure — the super-secure, simple-to-use e-mail encryption service from Medicus Solutions.

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HIPAA Compliancy Pack 1

Ensure that your electronic medical records are secure, HIPAA-compliant and protected from IT-related issues that can have legal repercussions with Medi-HIPAA Pack 1.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Medi-MDM -- our proactive and reactive mobile management solution -- protects against potential mobile threats and increases the efficiency of your IT operations through remote management.

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IT Services Reporting

Medi-Reporting is designed to provide you with as much or as little detail as you want about the IT services. Your data, on your terms, at your pace.

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