HIPAA Compliance Review & Protection Package
Medi-HIPAA Pack 1 Services Overview

Medicus IT’s HIPAA compliance review and protection package specifically addresses backup testing, network mapping, system user logging, network monitoring and even vulnerability scanning requirements.

Medicus IT stands out among other medical IT consulting providers because we have a firm understanding of regulatory HIPAA compliance, HIPAA risk assessment and RIPAA risk management solutions. We ensure you and your electronic medical records are protected from IT-related issues that have legal repercussions.

Our Medi-HIPAA Pack 1 is the solution.  All Medicus IT clients receive:

  • System policies for network access
  • Review of current policies
  • Password policies and enforcement
  • Computer and server lockouts
  • Removable storage access policies
  • Screensaver policies
  • Wireless network security policies
  • Public wireless network security policies, quarterly security and user access logs
  • Annual risk assessments assistance with technical portion
  • Hard drive shredding services with certificates of destruction and complete chain of custody procedures
  • And more…

Medi-HIPAA Pack 1 is one of two HIPAA service groups available to Medicus clients. Read about the services available in Medi-HIPAA Pack 2 here.  Medi-HIPAA Pack 1 is one of many major medical IT support services offered by Medicus IT. We encourage you to review your options with us by calling in today.