HIPAA Mobile Device Security Solutions
Medi-MDM Overview

Medicus IT recognizes that the future of software is mobile and offers Medi-MDM: High-quality HIPAA mobile device security solutions for your business entity.

We are paving the way for companies and other IT solutions providers by offering Medi-MDM, or mobile device management for your HIPAA mobile device security needs. Our proactive and reactive HIPAA compliant mobile device management solution protects against potential mobile threats and increases the efficiency of your IT operations through remote management. Acting as your company’s virtual CIO, Medi-MDM enables you to manage mobile devices from any location by:

  • Remotely locking and clearing the memory of potentially lost or stolen devices
  • Determining physical locations of missing devices
  • Setting and enforcing security policies
  • and much more!

Medi-MDM security service is one of many major medical IT support services offered by Medicus IT. We encourage you to review your options with us by calling in today.