Microsoft Proactive Licensing Audits – Healthcare ??

February 8th, 2015

Over the past number of months, we have seen an increase in proactive licensing audits initiated by Microsoft.  According to, “…Microsoft is auditing customers at a 2 to 1 rate over other vendors like Adobe, IBM, and Oracle.”  They go further to state, “Microsoft is auditing its customers at a brisk pace, and no company is immune.  Five years ago, these types of audits were relatively rare and only encountered under specific situations. Today Microsoft absolutely does not discriminatethere need be no compelling event or “areas of concern” to trigger a compliance check on your Microsoft software.”

As part of the licensing agreement for use of Microsoft products, there is a Verifying Compliance clause which allows Microsoft to request and conduct an audit of licenses in use within any organization.  We are advising all healthcare practices to audit their Microsoft licensing to ensure that they are in compliance.  With Microsoft licensing being somewhat complex, we recommend that all ambulatory healthcare practices consult with their Microsoft certified partners to ensure they have what they need.  Keep in mind that as you have added associates, their could be a gap where you may need to purchase additional licenses.

Additionally we have seen a rise in healthcare clients which we have taken over their IT from other providers where they have not record of any licensing and in some cases, paid their IT group for the licensing, however received genuine licenses.  As a Microsoft certified partner, Medicus Solutions, abides by all Microsoft licensing guidelines.